1. Campers/RV
                   a.  Only one camper/RV per campsite is allowed.
                   b.  Quality and maintenance, i.e.  Campers/RVs must be in great, working condition
                   c.  Any non-traditional campers (i.e tiny house) must be pre-approved.
                   d.  Bump outs need to stay within your designated lot. 
                    e.  HLC will be the sole determining entity as to which Campers/RVs are acceptable, regardless                             of age or size.
      2.  Vehicles
                    a.  The speed limit is 9 1/2 miles per hour.
                    b.  All vehicles, including Golf Carts, on campground must stay on approved paths and follow                                   posted speed limits. This will be strictly enforced!           
                    c.  No vehicles are allowed near construction areas or on beaches.  Campers must respect                                           temporary barricades when in use for construction, trail maintenance or other needs. 
                   d.  Vehicles not abiding by rules including speed, parking /driving on the grass, noise and restriction                           to designated roadways may be banned from the campground.
       3.  Golf Carts / Other Modes of Transportation
                   a.  Campers are required to provide proof of insurance.
                   b.  Only licensed drivers (16 & up) or children ages 5-15 with an adult sitting next to them are                                         permitted to drive Golf Carts on campground property.
                   c.  Dirt bikes/Scooters/motorized bikes are NOT allowed. 
                   d.  Seasonal residents with disabilities or health issues requiring a motorized cart for mobility may                                 request a waiver. Only those listed on the lease agreement may ride with the resident given                                     permission to use a motorized cart.
                   e.  Motorcycles used as means of transportation are permitted to drive to and from assigned                                        campsites only. 
                   f.   ATVs and UTVs will be allowed 
                   g.  Note, ATVs and UTVs will be in use by HLC for campground supervision and grounds                                                 maintenance. 
                  h.  Bicycles are allowed.  Please do not park bikes in front of restroom doors or in designated                                        roadways.  All bikes must be parked back at your site before dark. 
                   i.   If you plan on driving your Golf Cart off-site on Clear Lake Roads, you must follow: 
                       City of Clear Lake Golf Cart Rules/Regulations/Permit Requirements.
       4.  Tents
                   a.  There are no designated areas for tent camping.  Our campsites are designed for single family                                 use. 
                   b.  Tents will be allowed for paid campers on your campsite for occasional guests. 
                   c.  HLC will reserve the right to rescind tent camping privileges for campers who abuse the                                          occasional guest designation.
                   d.  Tents are not intended to be a permanent structure on your campsite. 
                   e.  Tents should not be left in the same spot for more than 3 days to avoid damage to the lawn. Tents                           left up for extended periods of time are subject to removal by HLC
        5.  Guests
                   a.  Each campground site is designed for single family use.  Guests are considered anyone who is                                outside of the immediate family of the leased camper. 
                   b.  All guests are the responsibility of the leased camper, and are expected to abide by all                                               campground rules.
                   c.  Children under age 18 are not allowed to occupy the campsite without an adult
                   d.  If a leased camper has a guest staying for longer than 3 days, HLC must be notified to approve                               the extended duration stay for the guest.
         6.  Limited Guest Lots
                   a.  HLC may have a limited number of "guest lots" available.
                   b.  If so, these will be available on a first come first serve basis.
                   c.  Fee will be $350+tax/week, prepaid.  (No daily or weekend rates available)
          7.  Parking
                   a.  Additional parking will be available by the basketball court, playground area and south side of the                          tracks, subject to construction needs during the 2021 camping season. 
          8.  Electrical Boxes
                   a.  Boxes are solely the property of Hidden Lakes Campground.
                   b.  Campers are not permitted to hard wire electrical cable from their box to supply electricity to any                           part of their seasonal site.
                   c.  No alteration of boxes is to be done by anyone other than Hidden Lakes Campground
                   d.  If you damage the box, you will be responsible for the repair or replacement costs. 
           9.  Water/Sewer
                   a.  You have access to City of Clear Lake sewer and water.  If you damage the water hydrant or sewer                          hookup you will be responsible for the repair or replacement costs. 
                   b.  Water hydrants are expected to be shut off if you are leaving your campsite for extended periods                           of time. 
                   c.  Sealed Sewer Collars will be required.
                   d.  City water/sewer is included in the fee for 2020.  This will be evaluated at the end of the season                               and if usage spikes due to campers use beyond basic camping needs, we will review and adjust                             our seasonal rates accordingly.  Help us keeps our costs in line!
                   e.  Washing of Cars is prohibited. Washing of RV’s and Golf Carts will only be allowed with Pre-                                       approval from HLC.
          10.  Mediacom
                   a.  Mediacom cable access has been provided at each campsite.
                   b.  Each camper will be responsible for contacting Mediacom directly to set up wifi/internet and                                   cable services. (800-479-2082)
          11.  Campsite Improvements
                   a.  No permanent or temporary improvements may be made to the campsite without prior approval                             from Hidden Lakes Campground.  Improvements made without prior approval will assessed a                                 fee for approval or will be required to be removed within 10 days and the property will be                                         restored to original condition at the camper’s expense.
                   b.  No freestanding structures are allowed, i.e. sheds.   
                   c.  Approved improvements are required to be maintained by the camper. 
                   d.  Camper agrees that any improvements to the property shall become the property of HLC and                                 shall remain upon the property unless HLC shall elect to require the restoration of the property                               to its original condition, in which event, tenant agrees to comply with such requirement prior to                               the expiration or other termination of the lease agreement.
                   e.  Should the camper select a new site on the property, the improvements remain with the prior                                campsite unless approved to move.
          12.  Decks/Steps/Pavers
                   a.  Decks, Camper Steps & Pavers (both type & placement) will only be allowed with prior approval                              from Hidden Lakes Campground.
                   b.  Camper steps will be allowed with prior approval by HLC
                   c.  Pavers, both type and placement, must be approved by HLC
          13.  Patios
                   a.  10' x 20' concrete patios have been provided.  They can be extended by HLC for a fee of

                        $10 per Sq. Ft. upon approval.   (minimum expansion is 80 Sq. Ft.)

  •  Rock Pads can be extended for $200             

  •  HLC will manage and schedule all expansions

                   c.  Textured concrete will be available for an additional fee
                   d.  Picnic tables are allowed
           14.  Landscaping
                   a.  Any landscaping, including trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers must have prior approval from HLC
                   b.  HLC must grant prior approval for trimming of branches or removing of trees.
                   c.  Gardens are not allowed on your campsite.  Container plants, including tomatoes, are approved. 
           15.  Lights
                   a.  No more than 2 strings of electric lights allowed per site.
                   b.  Solar lights are approved
                   c.  Lights should not be on during the daytime.
                   d.  Please turn off lights before turning in for the night or leaving the campground.
           16.  Fire Rings
                   a.  All campfires must be contained in a fire ring
                   b.  Never leave a fire unattended and extinguish before retiring for the night.  **Supervise children at                            all times**
                   c.  They must be 42” or less in diameter
                   d.  Fire Rings will not be provided by HLC
                   e.  Must be placed on your campsite, so as not to disturb adjacent campers. 
                   f.  HLC will provide a disposal area for fire ring remnants south of the tracks.
                   g.  Burning of trash in your fire ring is prohibited.
                   h.  Due to development of the campground, only HLC purchased firewood will be allowed for use in                          fire rings at this time.   
                                       i.   Price is 50¢ a piece (on your honor) For your convenience, payments may be                                             deposited in the drop box on the NE side of the maintenance shed.
                    i.  Stored firewood at your campsite must be kept in a neat and orderly fashion.
           17.  Mowing and Trimming
                   a.  Campers are responsible to keep their campsites tidy.  HLC will provide mowing for common                                  areas.  Campsites will be mowed during the week, provided that there is no debris or obstacle to                            interfere with mower access. 
                   b.  Campers will be responsible for keeping grass trimmed around all fixed items on the campsite
                   c.  Campers on a water lot  are responsible for all trimming between their camper to the water that                              the mower can not access.
                   d.  If campsite is not kept tidy and trimmed, HLC has the right to clean it up and charge the camper                            accordingly.
                e.  HLC will provide mowing for common areas.  Campsites will be mowed during the week, provided                         that there is no debris or obstacle to interfere with mower access. 
                  f.  Please DO NOT leave items in the grass that may be hard to see (i.e. dog chains, rope, cable cords,                        hoses, etc.) they can get caught in the mower blades.  Should any of these items cause damage to                        the mower resulting in needing of repairs, it will be done at the camper's expense.
           18.  Railroad and Neighboring Properties
                   a.  The Canadian Pacific Railroad has an active stretch of track running through the southern end of                            the campground.  There will be daily train traffic.  
                   b.  Crossing tracks is only allowed at the signed crossing.
                   c.  Please respect neighboring homes and businesses by not using their property to access the                                    campground. 
                   d.  For your own safety, NEVER PLAY ON OR NEAR THE RAILROAD TRACKS!
           19.  Quiet Hours
                   a.  Please respect your neighbors by adhering to quiet hours, 11 pm to 8 am. During quiet hours,

                        noise/music etc. from your campground should be heard only in your campsite. 
                   b.  Beach/Lake restrictions:  all boats and swimming is prohibited after dark.  Beach and common                              areas are restricted after 11pm. 
           20.  Disruptive Behavior
                   a.  Absolutely no illegal drugs are allowed on the campground or HLC property
                   b.  Absolutely no underage drinking is allowed on the campground.
                   c.  Should a camper or guest become a danger to themselves or others, they are subject to removal                          from the premises by Hidden Lakes Campground. 
                   d.  If the police are called  by another camper or by management due to disruptive behavior, the                                  camper will be immediately required  to leave the campground. 
                   e.  This includes seasonal camper's agreement becoming void and no refunds to any person in this                            situation. Please do not put yourselves or management in this position!
            21.  Child Guidelines and Restrictions
                   a.  Campers are responsible for their children under 18 at all times.
                   b.  Children under 18 should be at their campsite during quiet hours.
                   c.  Campers are responsible for any claim, loss or damage caused by Camper’s children, guests,                                  invitees or other family members.
                   d.  THERE ARE NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY AT HLC.  Please note the depth of the lake is up to 30 ft.                            HLC is not responsible for the qualification of your child as a swimmer. 
                   e.  Please use life jackets as appropriate and note: YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN SWIM AT YOUR OWN                          RISK. 
                   f.  We require swim diapers for children under the age of  3.
            22.  Pets
                  a.  Campers who wish to have pets on site must have prior approval and register their pet with                                     Hidden Lakes Campground. Registration will require copies of current vaccination records. 
                   b.  In order to comply with insurance, the following breeds will not be allowed on HLC property:  Pit                            bulls, Rottweiler, Presa Canario, all Mastiff breeds, American Staffordshire Terrier, any type of wolf-                          dog hybrid, and any mixed breed involving these types of dogs
                   c.  No animals, including a dog of any breed with a bite history or vicious tendencies
                   d.  No exotic animals, wild animals or livestock.
                   e.  Pets must be leashed at all times. **Electronic Dog collars ARE NOT LEASHES**

                    f.  Be respectful of your neighbors:  Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets! 
                   g.  Pets are considered part of a camper’s responsibility when adhering to campground quiet

                        hours and must NEVER be left unattended.
                   h.  Pets are not allowed on beaches or in HLC buildings
                    i.  Excessive Barking will not be allowed.
                    j.  NO fences or cages for pets outside. 
            23.  Watercraft
                   a.  Only electric powered watercraft will be allowed on HLC ponds.  Gas powered motors are                                        prohibited.
                   b.  Campers will be allowed to use the following on Hidden Lakes:

  • Canoes

  • Fishing boats

  • Paddle boats

  • Kayaks

  • Personal floatation devices 

                    c.   Multi-person inflatables/floating platforms must have prior approval by HLC.
                    d.  Watercraft is not allowed on the water past sunset or before sunrise. If operating a watercraft                                  after sunrise you are still responsible for respecting campground quiet hours.
                    e.  We understand that campers may be moving boats between HLC and Clear Lake.  To protect our                           ponds’ ecosystem from invasive species and to preserve it for future use, campers are required                             to wash boats and trailers prior to re-launching watercraft in HLC ponds.  Violators could be fined                           or sanctioned up to and including termination of your lease. 
                    f.  Insurance for watercraft is the responsibility of the camper.
           24.   Boat/Trailer Storage & Parking
                   a. Boat & Trailer Parking spaces will be provided south of the tracks.  They are for HLC campers only.                         If you intend to store a boat, you must let management know prior to parking it on the property.
                    b. Boats and Trailers are not to be stored at your campsite
            24.  Docks
                    a.  For those campers with water sites, docks can be leased from Hidden Lakes Campground for                                 your use.  HLC will be responsible for installation/removal.
                    b.  Docks will be uniform in material, length and structure.
                    c.  Campers are allowed to adjust their dock placement based on water levels
                    d.  Personal docks or swim platforms are not permitted.
                    e.  Your leased dock will be available to you for future camping seasons.
                    f.   A $250 "reconfigure fee" will apply if you choose to change the layout of your existing dock.  

                         (This fee does not apply when adding on a section)
             25.  Fishing
                    a.  Fishing is allowed on HLC ponds.
                    b.  Fishing will be 100% catch and release only. 
                    c.  Fishing will follow the Iowa DNR rules regarding licensing. 
                 d.  Water lots are considered the campers property from their camper and down the slope to the                                water.   Please do not intrude on other camper's access to the ponds by setting up fishing chairs                            etc., on their property.  There will be plenty of open access to te water for fishing or relaxing in                                common areas.
             26.  Events
                    a.  HLC will be planning certain events throughout the camping season.  We will communicate                                     those to you as they are scheduled.
                    b.  Shared areas of the campground and shelter houses can be reserved for family events.  Events                             must be scheduled and approved through HLC. 
              27.  Miscellaneous
                    a.  No Fireworks or Fire Arms are allowed on HLC property!
                    b.  No Fridges, Freezers, allowed outside without prior HLC approval
                    c.  Please do not cut through other people’s campsites. 
                 d.  Water lots are considered the campers property from their camper and down the slope to the                                 water.  Please do not intrude on other camper’s access to the ponds by setting up fishing chairs                             etc., on their property.  There will be plenty of open access to the water for fishing or relaxing in                               common areas.
                    e.  No Drones allowed on the property
              28.  Solicitation Policy
                    a.  No solicitation is allowed on the grounds at this time. 
                    b.  Bulletin boards for exchange of goods/services will be available with future office construction.
              29.  Waste Removal
                    a.  Your seasonal lot  payment provides for the removal of trash and garbage created from normal                               day to day living.  Designated trash receptacles are provided .
                    b.  Please place trash in securely closed plastic bags prior to throwing them in the designated                                     dumpsters. 
                    c.  Personal items (e.g., microwaves, carpets, chairs, appliances, TV’s, etc) are to be disposed of by                               the tenant ,off site, and not placed in HLC dumpsters. 
                    d.  HLC provides a separate designated area for fire pit and plant matter disposal south of the                                       tracks, they DO NOT belong in the trash dumpsters. 
              30.  Camping at Your Own Risk
                    a.  Each camper must have their own liability insurance coverage, covering the camper and their                                 guests for personal injury, loss, and/or property damage.
                    b.  Damage or losses caused by electrical outages, wind, rain, lightning, hail or any other weather                                 condition are not the responsibility of Hidden Lakes Campground, but that of the Leasee.
                    c.  NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY
                    d.  Your RV and personal property are not the responsibility of HLC
               31.  Off Season Camper Storage
                     a.  Storage for your RV is available, on your site during the off season, for campers paying a deposit                            of $321 by November 1st.  This deposit will be applied to your lot fee for the following season.
                     b.  For those campers who decide not to lease for the following year after November 1st the $321                                deposit will not be returned. 
                     c.  For those campers who decide not to lease for the next season, RVs must be removed by                                        November 1st.

  • Campground will not be open during the off season.

  • Should you require access to your RV that is stored on the grounds during the off season, you may make an appointment with HLC for access.

                    d.  Any of Tenants property that is stored on HLC property during the off season is being stored at                          the sole risk of the Tenant. HLC is not responsible, nor liable for any of Tenants property that is                                 lost, stolen or damaged in anyway.  It is the sole responsibility of the Tenant to winterize their own                           camper/trailer.  All water hoses must be removed from water line at the completion of the season                        and we strongly suggest you unhook your electric as well **Note:  some campers pull electricity                            for an internal battery even if you are not using it.  If you leave your electric hooked up you will be                           responsible for any electricity used during that time.
                32.  New Construction/Upkeep of Grounds
                       a.  HLC will make an effort to keep construction to a minimum on the weekends and evenings.
                      b.  HLC is still in the development phase, which means we may be using heavy equipment to                                       construct, fix, install, groom the grounds etc.
                33.  Emergency Procedures
                      a.  If you have a life threatening emergency, please call 911.
                                  i.  HLC address:  3001 Willow Creek Ct., Clear Lake
                      b.  If there is an issue with water main breaks or complete loss of campground power, please                                       reach out to HLC at:  641- 425-4296 or 641-425-5217
                      c.  If you have non-emergency issues with power or water to your campsite, you may contact us                                   during normal business hours at 641-357-5601

Camper(s) sign lease with the understanding that he/she releases Hidden Lakes Campground, LLC, its officers and employees, of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to lessees, family and guests arising out of their use of Hidden Lakes Campground, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless HLC and its officers and employees against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of the family or any visitor or guest of the registered camper arising out of the use of its camping facilities.